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Trash Cleanup in Lancaster City

The Utopi-fam is going out to make the world more beautiful!

If there is one thing we love doing to make our community a better place, it’s cleaning up trash. It’s such an easy, fun, and collaborative effort!


Without a doubt, waste is a huge problem in our world. You can see it in our oceans, beaches, and streets. We knew it was an issue prior to our trip, but until we got out in the community and spent some time picking up garbage, we hadn’t fully realized how much trash cleanups are needed.

Trash on our streets is bad for our communities and planet. Not only does it look bad, but it is also dirty and unhealthy. Between hazardous materials being left on sidewalks and toxins being released into the air, garbage littering walkways creates an unhygienic habitat. Having trash thrown on the sidewalk as opposed to recycling and doing our part, damages our environment, poses dangers to wildlife, and puts our health and the health of those around us at risk. (earthday.org) These are just some of the effects dirty streets have on our world.


As many of you know, we are based in Lancaster County, PA! The city of Lancaster is beautiful and several of our employees even live there!

It’s high time we head to the heart of Lancaster County for a trash cleanup.

Besides being in our home-town, the thing that’s different about this cleanup, is we want to extend the invitation for you to join us!


WHAT: Trash Cleanup in Lancaster City

WHEN: July 28th from 1-3 pm

WHERE: Rodney Park, Lancaster City

(West Lancaster Jewels Neighborhood: Community in between Colombia Ave, Rider Ave, S. West End Ave. & Manor Street.) We will meet in the office and convene at 221 Coral Street Lancaster, PA 17603 for parking (my home address).


This is a good way to contribute to our local community, keep our planet clean, and live-out the branding of Utopihen Farms.


Come clean some trash up in Lancaster City with Utopihen Farms! Utopihen Farms is a local egg brand seeking to build a brighter future one small step at a time.

Other providing delicious pasture raised eggs, Utopihen loves caring for its surrounding community.

Join us on July 28 from 1-3pm as we cleanup in West Lancaster Jewels Neighborhood (Coral St.; Ruby St.; Pearl St.; Crystal St, etc.) We’ll be meeting near Rodney Park at 1pm.

Trash bags and garbage grabbers provided.

For anyone participating, we will provide a Utopihen Farms tee-shirt!

Trash Cleanup Sign Up

Sign up here to let us know you’re coming!


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