Pasture Raised Organic
12 Large Brown Eggs

Pasture Raised Organic
12 Large Brown Eggs

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ORGANIC, Certified humane and NON-GMO —

Our pasture raised organic hens are fed a diet that consists only of organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free ingredients. Additionally, the Certified Humane family farms that raise them have met all the standards and have gone through the long, extensive process required to earn the USDA Organic seal — which also means the hens never receive antibiotics or hormones and are allowed to live naturally, with no forced molting or any other non-natural practice.

And because our organic hens are pasture raised, they have plenty of space to spread their wings. In fact, we surpass the industry standard for pasture raised by requiring at least 110 square feet per hen. They spend their days out in the fields where they get lots of sunshine, shade and water; and are able to nibble on all the plants, worms and other bugs they love to eat. All of this results in less stress, simply because they live as hens should.

It’s exactly this lifestyle and diet that makes our pasture raised organic eggs nutrient dense, and it’s also what gives their yolks that beautiful amber color.

Most importantly, it’s why organic pasture raised eggs are a good choice for you, the hens and the planet. Not to mention, why they’re beyond delicious.

For an egg to receive the USDA Organic seal, the hens laying those eggs must be fed a purely organic diet. That means feed that contains no genetically modified foods, animal by-products, synthetic fertilizers, other chemicals, hormones or pesticides. Additionally, organic hens never receive antibiotics, unlike commercial hens which receive them routinely. Organic hens must also live in cage-free environments and, while commercial egg farmers force molting to extend the laying life of the hens, the USDA Organic seal requires that only natural molting be allowed. In short, the USDA Organic seal on the egg carton not only ensures that the eggs inside are organic, but also that the hens are treated well. Of course, Utopihen Farms’ organic hens are also pasture raised and Certified Humane, so we use even more positive practices in caring for our hens — in addition to those required by USDA Organic.

No, pasture raised eggs and pasture raised organic eggs are two different eggs. While both our pasture raised eggs and our pasture raised organic eggs meet the standards set by Certified Humane for chickens*, our pasture raised organic eggs have also meet the requirements set by USDA Organic and are, therefore, also non-GMO.

There’s no question that the hens that lay Utopihen Farms’ non-organic Pasture Raised Eggs receive the same level of care that our pasture raised organic hens do, since they are both Certified Humane. But if you stand for the ethical treatment of animals, and have also made the commitment to eat organic, Utopihen Farms’ Pasture Raised Organic Eggs are the egg for you.

*Female ducks are also called hens, but Certified Humane has not yet set a standard for the ethical treatment of ducks. That’s why we use the word “chicken” when we talk about Certified Humane and our hens. Of course, Utopihen Farms’ Pasture Raised Duck Eggs come from duck hens treated with the highest level of loving care — anything less simply wouldn’t align with our values.

It all depends on YOU. If you’ve chosen an organic diet, then our Pasture Raised Organic Eggs check every box when it comes to how the hens are fed. But many people who eat organic also care deeply about the humane treatment of animals and avoid genetically modified foods. So, if USDA Organic, Certified Humane and non-GMO matter to you, our Pasture Raised Organic Eggs check all your boxes.

As you may have gathered from all you’ve learned about Utopihen Farms so far, we’re more than an egg brand. In fact, Utopihen Farms is a movement. That’s why we talk about Hens on a Mission and why we’re committed to sustainable farming and businesses practices, and why we’re launching a regenerative agriculture program. It’s also why we take our effort to create a better world together with you beyond our own pastures. You can learn more about Hens on a Mission and take us up on our invitation to join us on the journey here.

All pasture raised hens are healthier than hens raised in other ways, and this health extends to the eggs they lay. In comparison to big agriculture’s commercial eggs, pasture raised eggs are more nutritious with ¼ less saturated fat, 3x more vitamin D, 7x more beta-carotene and 2x more omega-3 fatty acids. The additional (and big) plus you get with pasture raised organic eggs is that the hens laying them also eat a 100% organic diet. So, if you feel eating organic is more nutritious for you, and if you know that the USDA Organic seal indicates food is produced using practices that contribute to making the planet healthier, then our Pasture Raised Organic Eggs support not only your health, but also the health of the world you live in.

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