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Being forward-thinking in how we approach our work and care for our hens, people and the planet is built into the DNA of each and every team member at Utopihen Farms.

In fact, we all view making a contribution and having a positive impact not only as part of our roles at work, but also as essential in our personal lives.

We know it will take the collective effort of everyone to truly make the world a better place — and there’s much work to be done.

Like you, we’re committed to doing it.

That’s why we invite you to be part of our team, too. Specifically, to join us on this journey to a brighter future through your product choices and how you live, and by helping to solve the local and global challenges you care about most. Always with the knowledge that, by working together, we can create the tomorrow we all want.

Here are just a few of the Utopihen team members you’ll be joining on the journey:

George Weaver III

George Weaver III

George Weaver IV

George Weaver IV
Vice President

Andy Linksy

Andy linsky
VP of Sales

Thomas Lambright


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