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How to Put Your Hoarded Egg Cartons to Use:

Grass is greening and flowers are springing up! We all want to be outside in the sun doing fun things with family and friends!

On our journey to create a better world, we have been busy cleaning up the communities around us and creating a cleaner environment for all with trash cleanups, tree-plantings, delivering food boxes, and onboarding more farms to give you protein-packed nutrition!

Statistics say the average person eats 279 eggs per year. That means hundreds of thousands of egg cartons will either end up in the trash, hopefully find a second use, or be recycled. While our cartons are pulp (and this is what we recommend) should you have Styrofoam or plastic cartons, those can be reused in many ways as well.

Utopihen pulp cartons were designed to be environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and reusable, right down to the label. This makes it easy to recycle in the following ways:

1.) Give them to your chicken-owning friends to repurpose the carton.

2.) Use them as a seed starter. Plant seeds in the cartons and once they start to sprout, cut the cups out and plant them in the soil outdoors. You can even plant the whole carton under the soil because it is biodegradable!

3.) Feed the birds! You can use the whole carton as a feeder. Just trim off the lid and thread string through holes in each corner of the carton. Fill the cups halfway with seeds, berries, or try a homemade feed and hang outside!

4.) Kindle a fire! This is a great substitute for leaves or small twigs and branches.

5.) Organize your hardware by placing screws and nails in the individual cups. Keep the lid for extra organization!

6.) Similar to the Hardware Organizer, pulp cartons can be used for organizing jewelry. Small holes can be punched in the pulp carton for earrings to dangle on the inside and the individual cups can be used for bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

7.) An earth-friendly alternative to Styrofoam packing peanuts. Tear them apart as needed.

8.) Compost! Use scissors to cut down the carton into smaller pieces. If the carton is still too hard, soak the pieces in water.

9.) Use the carton as a laptop stand. Placing a carton underneath your laptop allows air to circulate which minimizes overheating and lengthens the laptop’s life.

10.) Perfect for a paint palette for children! Pour individual colors into each cup, or leave a few empty for mixing primary colors together. When finished, close the lid to help prevent the paint from drying and prevent mess.

11.) Get crafty – a quick search on Google or Pinterest will bring up multiple ideas for egg carton flower lights, wreaths, and more!

14.) Mancala may be an older game, but it is no less popular! Egg cartons make a great game board and you can use beads, marbles, or dry beans as the playing pieces.

We know we missed some – what are your favorite ways to use egg cartons? Share them with us or your friends!

We’re excited to create a better world with you in 2023. Please, join us on the journey!


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