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Sustainability Practices at Utopihen Farms

Here at Utopihen Farms, we place a big emphasis on sustainability, responsibility, and building a better world together. While it is our Pasture Raised eggs that are our main focus – we like to view them as our vehicle for change. We’re more than an egg brand – we’re a movement. It’s our focus on ethically raised eggs, sustainability practices, and building a brighter future that makes us who we are.

Below is a one-stop shop of all the ways we focus on sustainability on the farm, packing plant, and beyond. Every egg is a small step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Sustainability Practices at Utopihen Farms on the Pasture

Sustainability Practices on the Farm

Pasture Raise Eggs

This is a natural way of raising hens that works with nature, rather than against it. It is humane and provides our hens with the best lives possible. It also contributes to the needs of our planet, through natural fertilizer and soil aeration.

From Family-Owned Farms

This cooperative relationship gives the farmer independence both operatively and financially. He can focus more on caring for the hens and leading a more comfortable family life.  It also keeps operations on a smaller scale with practices that have a positive effect on the environment and community.

Regenerative Agriculture

Many of our farmers have started implementing these practices. Regenerative practices rebuild organic matter in soil, restore soil biodiversity which sequesters carbon, improves the water cycle, and helps combat climate change.

Tree Planting

This practice acts as a riparian buffer along streams in the fields. Trees also sequester carbon, reduce erosion and runoff and act as shade and feed (fruit bearing trees) for the hens.

Reusable Trays

With some of our eggs hand gathered, all our eggs are stacked on reusable trays that get washed thoroughly once the eggs are offloaded at our packing facility.

Sustainability Practices at Utopihen Farms at the packing plant.

Sustainability Practices at the Plant


The roof of our warehouse is covered with 821 solar panels. This provides approx­imately 43% of the electrical energy we use each year. We also have superior insulation that reduces energy usage and motion-sensor LED lights throughout our facility.

Reusable Pallets

We are also advocates for using recycled pallets. We do our best to reuse and purchase used pallets for egg shipments. This greatly eliminates waste in the transportation of our precious cargo.

Packaging System

When it comes to packaging our eggs, we maximize our efforts so they are as efficient and streamlined as possible. All wastewater is reused to water nearby fields. And any waste from cracked eggs go to supply slop for a local pig farmer.  

Sustainability Practices at Utopihen Farms in the market

Sustainability at the Market and Beyond

Egg Cartons

All our eggs are packaged in eco-friendly, recycled pulp or cardboard cartons.

Trash Cleanups

We have participated in community trash cleanups as a way of taking better care of our planet. We continue to seek further opportunities to help our planet through our community efforts.


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