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Each family farm we work with is passionate about farming and uses sustainable farming practices, and we’re committed to ensuring farming will always be a viable family business for them.

Beyond loving the farming lifestyle, our pasture raised egg farmers have small flocks and consider each hen to be part of their family.

“One time I was walking with Katie, one of our farming partners, on her land. Katie had saved the leftovers from her family’s home-cooked dinner and, as we walked, she was hand feeding those bites to her hens. They were in pure bliss eating this meal, and I could tell they knew Katie was their caretaker and there was no question they were enjoying their life!”

– George Weaver III, Founder of Utopihen Farms

Simply put, we’re grateful to have built highly collaborative partnerships with the farmers who provide our pasture raised eggs.

But that doesn’t just happen. We work hard to develop innovative approaches that result in that type of partnership. Read more about our approach below.


Our goal is always to help our farmers create thriving businesses through which they can do their part in creating a better world too.

While our farms follow the standards set for pasture raised, USDA Organic, non-GMO and Certified Humane (pending which of our eggs they supply), each farmer owns their own farm and hens. This model supports their desire to be entrepreneurial, making their own business decisions and growing their flocks in the way they desire, while also meeting Utopihen’s requirements.

We are always available to offer advice and we support their businesses not only by purchasing their eggs, but also by handling the packaging and selling to retailers. This takes an expensive and time-consuming aspect of hen farming off their shoulders, and means our farmers can focus on what’s most important to them — caring for their hens and eggs.

Are you and your pasture raised hens interested in partnering with us? Simply fill out the form on our connect page and we’ll be in touch right away.

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