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How to Celebrate Earth Day & Compost Week

Man picking up trash

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day, Compost Week, and all the respective earth-centric holidays.

One of the easiest ways to celebrate is by respecting and caring for our planet. As humans, it’s part of our calling to nurture the land we’ve been given. When we think of it in this way, we can easily find ways to celebrate each and every day.

Celebrating our home can be as simple as cleaning up trash. You can start a compost bin, educate yourself on our planet through a book or documentary, take a nature walk, or carpool to work! Doing small things each day that make our streets prettier, our air healthier, and our world better is the best way to celebrate the earth.

Trash Bags in bed of ATV

Companies that Celebrate Earth Day

Here at Utopihen Farms, we celebrated Earth Day by organizing a trash clean-up around the office.

We gathered around 10 am and collected trash and debris from the edge of our property. The team was surprised to find how many garbage bags we were able to fill! Overtime, garbage had been collecting from neighboring properties – plastic bags, old boxes, chip bags, candy wrappers, old deflated bouncy balls.

By the end of the cleanup, we had gathered close to a dozen bags of garbage.

Countertop Compost Bin

Countertop Compost Bin for Earth Day

Another part of our office earth day involved adding a small compost bin to the kitchen counter. This small bin is great for collecting apple cores, banana peals, coffee grounds, and egg shells!

Rather than throwing all our compostable waste into a plastic bag that will end up in a landfill, we invested a few dollars into a compost bin and some compostable corn-starch bags to collect all the waste in a way that will benefit the earth! What a great way to celebrate and care for our planet.

It’s surprising how fast the bin fills up!

Earth Day Compost pile

Office Compost Pile

Recently, we installed a compost bed at the back of our office property. It’s the perfect place to dump all our compostable waste.

We encourage our office employees to take home the compost collected in the kitchen to their personal compost piles at home! We’d love to see more businesses and office spaces participating in this kind of initiative. It’s so important.

Compost improves soil structure, increases infiltration, helps soil retain water, and produces microorganisms that are essential to healthy soil, land, and planet. Have you started a compost pile?

Earth Day Trash Cleanup

Office Documentary and Pizza Time

After all our hard work, we gathered back inside for pizza and a movie.

In celebration of Earth Day, we watched Kiss the Ground”. It was a powerful documentary that gave riveting facts about the history and current state of modern agriculture. We were challenged with the sad truth of how much pollution and poor soil care comes from the modern way we farm.

This documentary was an excellent reminder to us of why we do what we do. At Utopihen Farms, we are on a journey towards more sustainable and regenerative farming. We strive to take best practices and help implement them on our farms. If you haven’t seen this documentary, we highly recommend it.

Office Team Picks up Trash on Earth Day

How to Celebrate Earth Day, Compost Week and Beyond

Even though Earth Day is over, and International Compost week is coming to a close, we can continue to celebrate and care for our planet!

Make it a goal to think of small changes you can make each day that contribute to the care of our lovely home. After all, it’s the small steps, changes, and decisions that change the future and make the world a better, and cleaner place!


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