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Let’s get this straight.

You LOVE eating Utopihen Farms Pasture Raised Eggs. The quality of the egg, nutritional value and the “better-than-other-eggs” taste keep you coming back to your local market for more.

But there’s something more you want to know. Something that you need answered.

Where do Utopihen Farms Eggs Come From?

Are they really from Utopia? Do they come from certified humane farms that care deeply about their hens? Who is the farmer? Do these eggs come from halfway around the world, or do they come from your local community?

Those are all fantastic questions. We don’t blame you for having them! With a product like eggs — being sourced from living creatures (hens!) — and with you — being the caring, conscious consumer that you are — we understand how important it is to know the answer to this question. It’s important to know, not only that the hens are being treated humanely, but also … where they are being raised.

Utopihen Partners with Family Farms

All of our eggs come from small, unique, family-owned farms in rural Central PA. We don’t own the farm or the hens. We like to view it as a partnership!

This model gives the farmers more independence and control over how to run their farm. While we are buying their eggs and have required standards for the farmers to meet, overall, the farmers have control over their barns and flocks. This is far from normal for big egg companies. Many large egg companies will own the birds, limiting the farmer’s freedoms, and cutting-in on his income.

Packaging and Selling Eggs

Another aspect of our farms that is unique, is getting the product off the farm and to your market. At Utopihen Farms, we manage all the shipping, packaging, and selling to retailers and local markets. This leaves the farmer with MUCH more time to focus on the hens and other important farming tasks.

We work hand-in-hand with our farmers to ensure everyone’s needs are being met, from the farmer to the hens — and you!

How Big is the Farm?

The short answer is, not very big. In fact, the size of our farms pale in comparison to many large egg conglomerates. Many egg companies have somewhere between 80 and 100 thousand hens on each free-range farm. This is an astronomical number in comparison to our 1,000 to 3,000 pasture raised hens per farm.

While many egg companies are cage free (and these hen numbers may go even higher depending on the size of the company), even other pastured raised egg companies boast around 20,000 hens per farm. That is a lot of acreage, considering each hen is required at least 108 square feet for certified humane pastured farms. We prefer to keep it small – and so do our hens.

Are All our Hens Pasture Raised?

Another one of the biggest things that separates our farms from other egg companies, is that all our eggs are sourced from pasture raised hens. No cage-free hens. Cage-free hens never leave their barns and are forced to live in very tight spaces.

Our hens are given very happy and free lives. Our pasture raised hens have wide open pastures with 110 square feet per hen. That’s a lot of room to peck the ground and supplement their diet with nutritious worms, insects and grasses.

How Important is Certified Humane?

VERY important.

All our farms are Certified Humane, except for our duck farms. Certified Humane has yet to set a standard for the humane treatment of ducks. That said, our ducks are given the highest level of humane care and we look forward to the day that standard exists so that we can proudly put the Certified Humane seal on our duck egg cartons too.

The ethical treatment of animals is core to our mission of creating a better world. Being Certified Humane means our standard for animal treatment and lifestyle is very high. Our farmers are kind, conscientious people who align with our values, in many respects. By remaining true to our values and partnering with farmers who independently want to raise hens in an ethical way, we set ourselves apart from many of our competitors in the egg industry.

We Care About You

At Utopihen Farms, we care about you and where your eggs come from.

We’re on a mission to create a better world and, for us, that starts by providing you with an egg brand you can get behind, an egg you can trust.

By partnering with our local farmers in a way that doesn’t infringe on their independence, our farmers have more freedom and time to lovingly care for our hens.

By living on pasture raised, Certified Humane, small family-farms, our hens have plenty of room to spread their wings and live their lives to the fullest.

Because it matters where your eggs come from, we are able to produce eggs that are humane, ethical, unique, nutritious, and very tasty.

At the end of the day, a good egg comes from happy hens raised on a good farm.


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