Utopihen Farms Tree Planting

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DATE: Friday, OCTOBER 21, 2022

TIME: 10 A.M. – 1 p.m.


Join us as we plant trees on one of our Pasture Raised Farms.

Utopihen Farms is a pasture raised egg brand focused on sustainability, responsibility, and building a better world together.




Utopihen Farms:

Taryn Mellinger | team@utopihenfarms.com


Four Seasons:

Cody Eberly | CodyE@fsproduce.com 


MOM’s Organic Market:

Sean Lynch | Sean.lynch@momsorganicmarket.com



Everything we do at Utopihen Farms is about creating the brighter future we all want.

It’s why we’re committed to sustainable farming, and why we partner with family farms without taking any ownership of their businesses.

It’s also why our hens are 100% pasture raised, not merely meeting the standard for pasture raised but surpassing it with 110 square feet per chicken.

And it’s why we never waiver from the humane treatment of animals. Whether this means earning the Certified Humane seal (which you’ll find on all our chicken egg cartons) or raising our ducks with the highest level of ethical responsibility, even though Certified Humane has not yet set a standard for duck care. That said, as soon as Certified Humane has a seal available for duck egg farms, we’ll be ready to earn it.

Of course, our commitment to creating a brighter future doesn’t stop here. Because Utopihen Farms stands for more than bringing you the best pasture raised eggs — much more.

In fact, it’s a movemeNT.

Planting a tree


While it would be easy to do our part to make the world better simply through our commitment to pasture raised, Certified Humane and how we do business, our vision for the future goes far beyond that.

In fact, we’re going on a very real journey to create a better world through all types of initiatives designed to activate positive change in multiple ways — including beginning a regenerative agriculture program. We’ll be inviting you to participate with us in that venture and in other activities that will not only be good for the planet, but also fun and rewarding to take part in.

Sign up for our list and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all we have planned — and to, quite literally, join us on the journey.

We Support Your Ideas for Change Too

We also want to hear about the change YOU want to see in the world.

Submit your favorite egg-related ways to stay sustainable and other ideas for creating a better world and help Utopihen build our plan to be a good partner in your community.

Have an idea for change?

find our pasture raised eggs right here.

P.S. No Utopihen Farms in your community? No worries, we’ll be there soon! Download our easy-to-use Carry Utopihen Farms Now Please letter and drop it off at your favorite grocery store.

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