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LOW-CARB BANANA PANCAKES Sweet & Moist Low-Carb Banana Pancakes

So, you want to make low-carb banana pancakes! Eating low-carb isn’t always the easiest decision to make, especially with all the assumptions that accompany it. Some assume that eating low-carb means letting go of delicious, sweet, comfort foods. But that’s just not true! There are so many delicious low-carb options that taste just as good, […]

Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies freshly baked chocolate chip tahini cookies

Never heard of Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies? That’s okay. It took our adventurous minds a moment to let it sink in as well. But once it did, the excitement overwhelmed us. Tahini is traditionally used in Middle Eastern savory dishes. Dishes like hummus, halva and baba ghanoush. Tahini is a creamy and nutty flavored butter […]

Quick Mediterranean Baked Eggs

Quick Mediterranean Baked Eggs Hot Mediterranean breakfast of baked eggs on a plate.

Mediterranean Baked Eggs give you some of the best flavors the Mediterranean has to offer and a taste of sophistication too in this all in one meal. This Mediterranean breakfast includes a variety of ingredients from both Greece and Italy. As you’re gathering the ingredients for this dish, imagine you’re strolling through Athens Central Market […]

Red Pepper and Artichoke Quiche

Red Pepper and Artichoke Quiche Slice of Baked Artichoke Quiche on a Plate

Artichoke Red Pepper Quiche is simple to make, Keto friendly and, most importantly, delicious.  A Brief History of Quiche It’s a common misconception that the French invented the quiche. True, they may have made it a staple of their rich menus and culinary classics. Some might even say it’s the French who made quiche what […]

Eton Mess with Blackberries and Tahini (made with Duck Eggs)

Eton Mess with Blackberries and Tahini (made with Duck Eggs) Eton Mess in Clear Jars

Eton Mess is one of those magical desserts that looks impressive and yet is super easy to make. The word “mess” in the title is a good indication that you can’t go wrong here! WHAT IS ETON MESS? Eton Mess is a traditional English dessert that dates to the 1890’s. Legend has it that a […]


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