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Back in July, a group of us attended a field day at Rodale Institute. We learned so much about our beautiful planet and how we can farm in ways that take better care of the ground, our hens, and ourselves.

What is Rodale Institute?

Rodale Institute is a nonprofit farming organization in Kutztown, PA. Set on 333 acres of certified organic farmland, Rodale Institute focuses on research and education in organic farming.

Some of their top goals include:

    1. Helping farmers go organic
    2. Researching the benefits and impact of organic farming
    3. Teaching consumers about organic farming and its benefits

Making the trip

When we heard Rodale was hosting a field day, we were eager to take part! What better way to learn and grow than to get out in the sun and enjoy the world around us?

So, we packed a lunch, got in a car (we carpooled – a great way to cut gas emissions and push for a greener earth!) and took a trip to Kutztown, PA.

What was the turnout?

The field day had over 400 participants with representatives from over 40 states and 15 different countries! SO many people looking to be better stewards of our planet! The subjects covered during the field day ranged from Organic Apple Orchards to Pastured Hog Production to Field Trials, Soil Health and even Composting.

What did we learn?

It was eye opening to see how farmers have taken on the challenge in organic production. Innovative methods and scientific reasoning work together to create an earth-friendly way to farm.

Some of the organic farming methods (especially the no-till method) fit very well with our views on Regenerative Agriculture. We want to promote healthy, resilient, profitable & regenerative farms, and organic practices are a key part of that on many of our farms.

While there isn’t one “right way” to farm, there are more natural and healthy ways to care for our soil and our animals. We can farm in a way that will better preserve our beautiful world for future generations to enjoy

What about the hens?

As far as our hens are concerned, learning about these organic systems gave us a better understanding and background for working with our organic farms. Knowing how to best take care of the earth, our soil and our crops will help to best take care of our hens – and our eggs!

At Utopihen, we’re all about sustainability and farming responsibly. From the ground our chickens peck to the eggs on our table, we want to leave the world a better place than where we found it. By learning how to better care for our planet, our hens, and ourselves, we are creating a better world for everyone.


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